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The Bubble Catcher
Our thoughts are pretty much like bubbles... there one moment and ...'plop' ... gone the next! Even before you realize it, your fleeting thoughts - your bubbles - are gone ... gone in a jiffy, and without a trace! While it may not hurt when a stray bubble you missed goes 'plop', there are occasions when we loose sight of a few important ones... and those plops can indeed unnerve and unsettle you!

Enter the Bubble Catcher ... and just imagine... all your bubbles - stray or important, big or small, personal or professional, are all captured in the Bubble Catcher's net; and they are held there securely to be presented to you at the appropriate time ... on time, every time! Again... just imagine... every bubble you blow, every thought you think of, will go plop only when you decide it should go plop... no more missed dates, no more missed schedules and no more missed tasks.... Just imagine!

That's the power of the Bubble Catcher and now you can harness the same power to capture all your bubbles with IDIOT, the mystical tool of the Bubble Catcher. Blow your bubbles into the Bubble Catcher's net with appropriate instructions and the bubble Catcher will patiently and caringly hold your bubbles for you. On the appointed day, at the appointed hour, the Bubble Catcher will present your bubble - the way you want it to whosoever you choose.

So blow all the bubbles you want, set all the reminder messages you want to set without cluttering up your mind to remember them. Let the Bubble Catcher handle your bubbles with IDIOT and leave your brain to do what it does best.... think!

Never forget a thing - Just imagine.....

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