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I know what you did last summer!
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 added by Admin.

It was last summer that it hit us hard how forgetful and careless we had become. We had missed a project deadline and did not have even a lame excuse to bail us out of the situation. A little thinking and it was all too clear that it was not only deadlines such as the one we had just missed but all kinds of things that we were forgetting from time to time. The writing on the wall indicated quite plainly that we had to put a reminder system in place that would take care of reminding us (at appropriate times) of things all and sundry and so was born the idea of I-Do-It-On-Time.

We quickly assembled a team to get cracking on our life-saver of a project and started work in right earnest. Our goal was very simple, to design a reminder system that would be simple and easy to use, in other words, one that the people would love. If people loved it, they would use it and talk about it; they would suggest features to improve it, they would introduce their friends to it and hopefully, seeing all the benefits, would be willing to pay a nominal price to avail of the service so that we can continue to enhance it.

Sometime during the course of our development we realized how annoying it would be to have a reminder sitting in our Inbox while we are blissfully unaware of its existence or dispatch for a reason as simple as not having access to the internet! And so we decided we should add another facet to our reminder system – that of Short Messaging Service (SMS). You would hardly ever be caught without your hand-phone and so an SMS seemed to be the best way to trigger off the reminders.

So here we are, on the 20th of January 2009, launching perhaps the simplest and most intuitive system of reminders ever to be made available on the net.

With the launch of this service you’ll never forget a thing – just imagine!  

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