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Affiliate Program offers its registered PRO Account members a great business opportunity to earn money. Every user who has signed up for a PRO Account (Gold or Platinum) is automatically enrolled in our Affiliate Program and is assigned an affiliate code.

We believe that each user of the site is a valuable resource to tap further potential users. Whether it is through their personal contacts such as friends, colleagues and associates or through various forums and tools on the internet such as emails, blogs, websites and chat rooms; every referral that a user (or his link) leads to the site has the potential to make a purchase. This will result in earnings for the affiliate partner who is responsible for having introduced that user to the site.

The IDIOT Affiliate Program is perhaps one of the first multi-level affiliate programs available on the internet today. What we mean by this is that not only the purchases made by your immediate introductions but purchases made by their introductions and their introductions' introductions as well will make you eligible for earnings.

For example, if an affiliate introduces Mr. X to and Mr. X in turn refers Mr. Y to the site who in turn introduces Mr. Z to the site, then we refer to X, Y and Z as the down-line of the affiliate partner and any purchases made by either X, Y or Z will make the affiliate partner eligible to earn a percentage of these purchases.

The percentage earnings of the affiliate partner for purchases made by his down-line are as follows :

25% of the purchases made by the 1st level of the affiliate's down-line.
10% of the purchases made by the 2nd level of the affiliate's down-line.
5% of the purchases made by the 3rd level of the affiliate's down-line.

The affiliate partner is not eligible to any earnings by virtue of any purchases made by the down-line beyond the 3rd level of the down-line. To re-look at our example, if Mr. Z was to introduce any users to the site and if they were to make purchases on the site, the affiliate would not draw any amount from those purchases as they are beyond the 3rd level of the down-line.

View Downline dynamics graphically

Important Notice:
Please note that the affiliate partner becomes eligible for the earnings if and only if he is a valid PRO Account member at the time the purchase is made. If for any reason the user's PRO Account membership is invalid or dormant at the time the purchase is made, the affiliate will not be eligible for the earnings arising out of purchases made by the downline during the time that affiliate's account is invalid/dormant.

So also, if a member introduces other member(s) prior to his/upgrading to a PRO Account, then such members are not considered to be part of the downline should he/she decide to upgrade to a PRO Account subsequent to their registering on the site. This essentially means that only members introduced after you upgrade to a PRO Account is considered to be your downline and commissions are paid on purchases made by only such members in your downline. It therefore makes sense to upgrade to a PRO Account before you start inviting your contacts to sign up on the site.

So Sign Up for the Affiliate Program and get cracking on your contact list to start earning money!

A few simple steps to get you going :

* Upgrade to a PRO Account
* Invite your friends, relatives and business associates to join
* Use the links/widgets provided in your web-pages, blogs and Email tag lines
* Access your Affiliate Account to find out how many users registered through your links/widgets and check out the purchases they made.
* Your earnings will be paid online via PayPal (in USD) or by way of Cheque/Demand Draft (in INR).
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