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"Jeez, was that scheduled for yesterday? Damn it!!"

A very common refrain, I am sure, that we end up using several times on a day to day basis. Our lives are so overcrowded with commitments, deadlines and appointments that its only natural to feel completely overwhelmed from time to time and allow things to slip through the cracks. And as you would surely agree, not all of us are lucky enough to have secretaries to keep track of our commitments.... and indeed, for those of us who are, there are still those personal and private commitments that even our oh-so-prim-and-proper secretaries and assistants cannot keep track of.

IDIOT is our way of addressing this issue. It's a tool that you can use to set reminders not only for yourself but for any of your contacts as well. These may be simple email reminders or could be SMS (Short Messaging Service) reminders sent directly to the mobile phone. What's cool is that you can apply a recurring pattern to your reminders so that once set, you never have to make an effort to remember it again.

Imagine the possibilities... for something as simple as a birthday reminder, you would not only have to never again remember the birthday, but the system would also automatically send a message customized by you through email (from your own account) and/or send an SMS message to a mobile phone number. And you decide to which account these messages are sent and at what points of time! And this is only for a birthday reminder. You could well put the same concept to use for remembering your Insurance premium renewals, payment dates for your bills, your car servicing dates, your project deadlines, your child's vaccination dates, property tax deadlines, loan installment schedule, payment collection dates and so on.... the list can be endless!

To make sure we capture all your thoughts and commitments, hold them securely and present them to you at the appropriate time, we solicit the services of The Bubble Catcher. That kinda explains the concept of bubbles on the site too... And with The Bubble Catcher around, we at IDIOT, are certain you will Never forget a thing... Just imagine!

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